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Product name : Expert household vacuum sealer
Item : VS5500
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Voltage: 220V AC/50Hz
Power: 130W
Max.Width: Compact size vacuum food sealer for ( 28CM) wide bags and bag rolls
Weight: 2.32KG ( =4.87lbs)
Dimension: 44.5*23.2*11.9cm (L x W x H)
Vacumm Degree: 0.8bar
Seal-up Time: 6-10 seconds
Vacuum-pumping+Seal-up Time: 10-20 seconds


New design infrom USA to reach the industrial vacuum rate of -25 Hg
With heat overload protection system, Safe a microcomputer memory operating system and electromechanical integration
With VACUMM SEAL button to complete Vacuum-pumping and seal-up automatically and intelligently. Easy to use! Hands-free and seal indicator light which lets you know when it?s ready.
With STOP button to control the vacuum and seal process, you can cancel the process at any time, if necessary!
With SEAL button to make sealing with common plastic bags
With brushless vacuum motor technology nd Durable.
Exports to Europe and USA, with domestic and international multi-party authority quality approval
Manufacturer appointed online-shop, with First-Class service and technology guide.

1: equipped with roll bag storage box and tool holder, free cutting desired length
2: high-power motors and piston pumps, pumping efficiency per minute up to 1.21i ter, vacuum pressure 0.8bar
3: display function the blue lights manipulation process
4: delay sealing switching, more convenient sealed wet food
5: a food category selection and pumping speed control function
6: automatic pickles cuisine features, more in line with the requirements of family life

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